~ Workshops ~

The FaithLift 2017 workshops are:

The Hungry Heart = The God Hole, Christa Jan Ryan
This workshop is an informative and education based workshop that educates and informs the participates what the many masks of addiction wears. How we can get a handle on it if involves one of our loved ones or to come to the acknowledgement of our own struggles in anything from food to spending, TV watching, alcohol, drugs, Codependency, sex, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness. Addiction is a crisis in our society and most people aren't even aware of the fatal obsession and how it robs us of our creativity, healthy relationships, mental and physical health, our joy and happiness and our own self-worth! Coming to embrace the word insanity and how it applies to our life and our relationships.

Living Out Your Faith, Pat Davenport
In a world that has strayed from the Gospel, and where restrictions are placed on our Christianity, how do we overcome these obstacles? How do we stand strong and not be tossed about by every wind and wave? How can we be a living example to this world of God's great and glorious love with unwavering faith? In this workshop, we will discuss, share, and look to the Word of God to see how we can be overcomers as we strive to live out our faith.

Prayer Walking (The Lord's Prayer), Lisa McColgan
God has given the keys to the Kingdom to us. As we enter into prayer on behalf of our neighborhoods and communities, we can trust and speak forth His Word and ask for His will to be done. God delights in answering such prayers and watches over His word to perform it. Join this workshop to learn more and receive materials to assist you throughout the year as you walk with God through your neighborhood. You can be part of positive change in the world around you!

Reading Café, Donna Beguin
Do you enjoy fellowship with your sisters in Christ, or how about relaxing with a good book that may challenge, encourage, counsel, instruct or just plain may make you laugh and relates daily to your journey of faith? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the Reading Café is designed for you. It will not feed your physical body, but will offer spiritual nutrition by way of Christian authors who are called to minister through the specific topics God has assigned to them. Each participant will have opportunity to browse through a "menu" of books written for women of "today", mothers of all ages, grandmothers, singles, students and young adults, career women, etc. You will leave this workshop with guidelines and resources for spiritual health as well as leave with a book in hand! Come, relax and be refreshed by this unique opportunity that may provide insight to answers for your unique individual need to strengthen your walk with Christ, or perhaps introduce you to how you can have a personal relationship with Jesus, our Savior and Lord.

Forgiven to Follow Joy, Tatiana McIntosh
This workshop will touch upon the necessity to forgive and to be forgiven. Using practical and humorous illustrations, you will learn the signs and steps to forgive and to continue to forgive others and yourself. To ultimately find the JOY of abundant life through forgiveness.

Craft, Tammy Seaman
We will be making mesh wreaths! The following items will be provided: an 18inch wire frame, wire to attach mesh to the wreath, Wide mesh (I have 10 emerald green mesh & 5 white/silver mesh) Wide wired ribbon to make a bow (various spring colors to choose from) So think about where you want to hang this beautiful creation: front door, breezeway, porch, gift for someone. By the time you leave the wreath will be ready for you to embellish with your own ideas (ie: flowers, seashells, do-dads and fandoogles').

~ Workshop Leaders ~

Christa Jan Ryan
Christa has been blazing the Addiction Trail for over 15 years with God in the Driver's Seat and Jesus Leading the Twelve Steps of Recovery with his 8 Beatitudes from Sermon on the Mount. There are 238 Addiction Programs out there and Christa feel she should be in all of them but treats her addictions in the order they will kill her. Alcohol is her #1 drug of Choice. What's yours? Food, Shopping, relationships, sex, Internet, Coffee, Denial, Codependency, money.....etc..... Christa is an Award Winning Best Seller Writer and TV Producer and has just Launched her Play/Musical 'Good God! Why? 2 Years ago to educate the public just how pervasive and damaging Addiction is on ALL Levels. Come to the workshop to learn about yourself and your loved ones. Addiction is a Generational Family Disease, that only God can change!

Pat Davneport
Pat is a mother of three grown daughters and just became a grandmother of two little ones and is a retired teacher. Having earned a B.A and M.A. in education, she has taught in the public school arena for 23 years along with having traveled throughout the country developing Christian Education programs for children, teens and women. Pat is a living testimony of one who found that "Place of Hope" at a very young age. Her heart for serving the Savior has led her to serve for 15+ years as a missions developer for the Board of American Missions as well as the director for Camp Joy, serving special needs children. Currently Pat is actively involved with seniors who are hospitalized or in nursing facilities leading Bible Studies and offering hope to families!

Donna Beguin
Donna has lived in the Berkshires for nearly 14 years. Though a Midwesterner by birth (Chicago), she has grown to love The Berkshires and enjoys its history and culture. As a young girl, Donna came to know Jesus as her Savior and always felt that she should serve the Lord in some kind of 'helping' profession. After attending Bible School in Chicago and graduating from college, she and her husband, David, were called into fulltime ministry and have been serving in churches in Christian Education, Youth Ministry, and Senior Pastorates for 39 years. David is currently the Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Pittsfield. They have 3 married children and 7 adorable grandchildren!! Donna has steadily enjoyed leading Women's Ministry, Bible Studies, and directing children's programs! Her love for children led her to teaching children with special needs and currently is working as a Special Education teacher for K-3rd grade. She also continues to love people and spending time with her "sisters in Christ". Exploring Scripture's definition of Fellowship is another area that Donna enjoys in ministry and looks for opportunities to spend time together and build-up one another in their faith.

Tatiana McIntosh
Tatiana has a heart's desire to glorify God in all things. She has lived in Massachusetts for the past 16 years and presently serves with her husband who is Pastor of Christian Assembly Church in Pittsfield. Before ministry, they both were public school teachers and now, together, they home school their five children. Tatiana has been saved for 25 years and desires to be more like Jesus each day. Through lessons learned, loving counseling and sound Biblical teaching, she has been led by the Lord to encourage you in developing the "Fruit of the Spirit". Tatiana shares that, "God has enabled each of us to receive His grace in time of need. Our job is to acknowledge the need for Him and walk in the power given to us in the perfect work Christ accomplished on the cross".

Lisa McColgan
Lisa lives in Lanesborough, MA with her husband, Patrick, and their two sons. She has served her local church, the Dalton United Methodist Church, for 25 years in various ways and is a certified lay servant. From 1994 -2013 she formed formal prayer ministry and coordinated the various prayer teams and annual retreats there. She has taught various courses for her district's certification classes and has facilitated workshops in the past for FaithLift. Currently she is in a season of advanced studies in Hebrew, Centering Prayer, and Spiritual Healing. Her passions include: Studying God's Word, Studying Hebrew, Worship and Prayer.

Tammy Seaman
Tammy has been doing crafting for many years, and has taught crafts to children during VBS for several years. She loves to quilt, and volunteers at Lanesborough Elementary School. She enjoys being Hockey, Football and Lacrosse Mom to Cole and has been married to David for over 25 years. Tammy is a member of the Evangelical Free Church.